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What is offered is deemed as a "digital good" is open to be of personal and limited commercial use.

Online advertising and web distribution is permitted, but physical redistribution (ex. work on products) will need explicit permission from me.

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Terms of Services

First, and foremost,,,

I am well versed with conceptualizing many things, and am willing to draw most; however,

I am able to deny commissions from clients for any circumstances. While unlikely, I do have limits on what I'll illustrate. I will not do:

  • Underage pornography of fictional & non-fictional characters.

  • Extreme/Morbid Fetishes, ask if unsure (No: sc*t, v*re, inflation, hyper, inc*st, Non-con, and so on)

  • Art intended to demonize or spread hate.

  • Political/Social commentary.

If the potential client is unsure of the topic of what they would like, they can ask me anytime, but immediate is preferred.

Layout of Transaction

All transactions are handled with Paypal with their invoice system and the currency used is United States Dollar (USD "$").
Payment is upfront, but if the price of commission is $100+, clients are allowed to split their payment, half typically used to pay upfront. There may be exceptions to this according to individual clients needs, but not definite.

Clients are expected to have a concept/prompt ready before commissioning, I will cooperate with making multiple rough sketches that fluctuates on quantity by how specific poses and ideas are given by clients. These sketches are malleable for the client to request changes, the larger the change desired: the more immediate it should be requested. I recommend the feedback phase to be 2-3 adjustments or  else both parties will be impatient and/or stressed.
Once the client is happy with the final rough sketch, I will  continue work gradually and provide weekly updates, depending on commission type. There may be circumstances that a week may be missed, though clients are free to ask for an update. Holidays of course are slower, though I have sporadic vacation days that are given to potential and current clients to be aware of my absence.

Product Details

Most commissions are done around 8 x 10 inches .PNG file and at a 300-400 DPI. The size may be subjected to change, but the client must give me resolution sizes as soon as possible if necessary for intentions of the work. At any point before inking this could be adjusted!
An average estimate for commissions from me take 2-3 weeks, this could fluctuate due to the complexity or the type of commission desired. Typically, communication and feedback emails are done on weekends.

Once the commission is complete, I provide two files on (DeviantART storage site) for the client: a full-resolution image, and a compressed version for alternative general needs.
Clients are responsible with requesting specifics for projects (resolution, file formats, privatizing etc).

Refunds and Compensation

In some circumstances, I or the client may call for a refund and cancel the continuance of the commission, though this may make me unlikely to work with this client again. Depending on when the client cancels, there will be a compensation fee that will fluctuate according to how much time was already put into the piece, the overall price, and the stage on where the illustration is at.

Client Rights of Usage

Clients are permitted to use the commissioned illustration for personal and limited commercial use. Digital commercial use is permitted, such as online advertising for client/client's brand. Any form of crediting and plugging of my social media's is helpful towards my work and to potentially bring in more clients. I also retain rights to the illustration as per my creation and work, I can digitally advertise is as an example of my work, or display for any client on my digital platforms, and potentially add to any gallery of choice.

Under no circumstances shall any of my products be used for Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) or used within cryptocurrencies in any shape or form. Any of my work put onto a blockchain is in direct violation of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) for I hold intellectual rights over my work. I will not work with any persons to develop work solely for the purpose of cryptocurrency profiting.

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